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Relationships, Career, Family, Money​, Balance,

Health & Body​/Communication​

All coaching is done online through ZOOM video conferencing, anonymous appointments are available (no video on client's end). 

You will be able to be coached at any time of the day on any day. Never leave your home - no drive time, and no babysitters needed.

Types of Coaching:


Be the best version of yourself – Take control of your ENTIRE life. It all starts will mental awareness. Once you understand what is going on inside your mind, you can manage your thoughts and control your feelings. Once you are aware of the thoughts you need to create for the feelings you desire, you are back in control! Take the control back and empower yourself. Let’s fix all of your relationship problems. The key player is ALWAYS you. You can fix you right now. Today! Take the first step. Sometimes an outside perspective can give us fresh ideas and the right motivation to move in the direction we want to go. Your life is scripted by you! Live your purpose. 

Relationships – All relationships. The one you have with yourself is the most important. Once we get on track there, all of the other relationships will fall into place with husbands/wives, friends, children, coworkers, in-laws and everyone in your life! Build your self-confidence back and have fulfilling relationships.


Buffering – Dig deep and understand your urges and emotions. There is nothing you cannot handle, learn how to sit with your emotions all while being productive. Buffering has lots of players: food, alcohol, work, porn, etc… Take control back and consciously choose how to spend your time.


Focus on your future – We do not need to drag our past life experiences with us into the future. Learn how to let go of the past and move on to the future you want. I will help you create it personally just for you. Show up exactly how you want to regardless of the actions of other people.

Time Management – How to get it all done without burning out. Learn the best secrets for managing your time!

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