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My name is Kim Tatman,


My goal as a Life Coach is to provide you with the tools you need to have an incredible existence. You can choose and create a life that you are proud of and passionate about. I can teach you skills that will transform you into being the person you want to be, the person you long to be, and the person you were meant to be. You will show up each and every day the way that YOU decide to show up, regardless of any and all of the outside influences. You have everything you need to get started today. It always starts with you! Increase your capacity within yourself to experience great things. Become your own hero!


Do you desperately want change, but you are unsure where to start? I am here for you!  Even if you struggle to believe anything different is possible, I know that change is possible for you. I know it, because it was possible for me. I can guide you through the transformation. I would love to help you find your purpose and tell your story.


Look around and see if you think we’d be a good fit.  Book a free initial consultation and we can get to know each other.  Reach out and try something new. Try something that could change the way you feel about everything!

Let’s work together!

- Kim